Infrared heating panels for residential,
commercial and industrial use

Made in Germany


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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

infrared heaters

Infrared heating panels for residential, commercial and industrial use - made in Germany.


SUNNYHEAT infrared heating panels bring the warmth of the sun and low-cost heating into your home. It is the world's first wirelessly controlled, ecologically-friendly long-wave infrared heating system. SUNNYHEAT infrared panels create biogenetic, invisible infrared waves; just as the sun has done for millions of years. SUNNYHEAT combines the power of the sun with high-tech development into a state to the art, energy-saving system designed to provide comforting warmth to the entire living or working space.  Temperature is controlled via a unique wireless, radio-controlled thermostat.


SUNNYHEAT offers flexibility in design for when you need tailor-made solutions for your home or individual areas. After many years of development we have combined state of the art technology with design perception, creating a healthy heating system while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.


SUNNYHEAT infrared heating technology is a complete replacement for your old heating system. There is no need anymore to use pollution-causing heat sources as gas, oil or wood for. With SUNNYHEAT, you choose the heating source for better ecology and low-cost home heating.

The SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system is designed and manufactured in Germany.


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The SUNNYHEAT trade mark is listed by the German Patent Office; the name and logo of SUNNYHEAT are protected.


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