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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

agricultural heating system

agricultural HEATING SYSTEM

SUNNYHEAT infrared heating can be used for many applications in the agricultural industry - for example in poultry areas, barns, stables, greenhouses and other farm structures. SUNNYHEAT saves energy, money and is ecologically friendly. The health of both plants and animals benefits from SUNNYHEAT infrared panel heaters.

SUNNYHEAT and its use in agriculture is beneficial for you as a farmer and for your clients. As a farmer you save money by using less energy. There is no need to build or maintain large heating systems in greenhouses, barns and breeding stations for poultry or other animals. Place SUNNYHEAT infrared panels where necessary. Because they do not cause dust circulation in the air, livestock respiratory infections are reduced. SUNNYHEAT is ideal for greenhouses since it has the same effect on plants as sun rays. Several studies have proven that with infrared heating, you will be less dependent on weather conditions. Moreover, you will save a considerable amount on your energy budget compared to when using a classic heating system or infrared burners. With SUNNYHEAT the sun is always in your stable, barn, or greenhouse.


agricultural heating systems