Infrared heating panels for residential,
commercial and industrial use

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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

IR heating



SUNNYHEAT infrared panel heaters are very easy to install and removal is the same. It only takes a few minutes to hang a panel on a ceiling or wall. SUNNYHEAT infrared home heaters are only 3.5cm thick, so they take up almost no space and the largest panel weighs only 12 kg.  A furnace, piping or chimney is not needed and you will save money on installation and space. No chimney cleaning once or twice a year is necessary and neither are heat burners, gas connections or oil tanks. No transport of fuel to your home or digging of gas pipes in the street. Expensive fire insurance will not be needed for your heating sysyem, or a specialist for installation. If you buy or rent another home or apartment,  it only takes a few minutes to take SUNNYHEAT with you and re-install. SUNNYHEAT thermostats are wireless so there is no need to cut your walls or ceilings for wiring. The simple to program and control thermostat uses two 1,5 Volt batteries thatr have a lifetime of 2-3 years. SUNNYHEAT is the easiest to use heating system in the world. Moreover, with SUNNYHEAT you will save on heating costs and reduce significant CO2 output into our environment, creating a better world for our children in the future.

SUNNYHEAT infrared flatscreen heating panels do not heat the space by circulating hot air, they heat the mass of objects in the room. Infrared energy is absorbed by walls and all other materials, then heat is returned back into the room. The wireless, unique SUNNYHEAT IST thermostat increases temperature in steps of a tenth of a degree Celsius in case the temperature drops. When using a classic heating system, the temperature will drop very quickly when doors or windows are opened, and the result is that the system constantly uses energy.

The IST (Intelligent Saving Thermostat) is an extremely precise temperature controller. With classic heating there is a difference of 2-3 degree Celsius difference between floor and ceiling, but when using SUNNYHEAT there is no difference.

SUNNYHEAT dries wet walls and prevents mold, so it is an excellent remedy for buildings which contain moisture. SUNNYHEAT infrared home heaters warm the structure with infrared long waves that deeply penetrate to dry walls and prevent the growth of mold and other fungi.


IR panel heater