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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

far infrared health benefits

spas, saunas and wellness centres


SUNNYHEAT is a must in Wellness and Spa Centers. It gives your resort an extra added value towards customers.  The health benefits are additional to the relaxing factor. Especially in saunas with infrared long waves we see passive cardiovasculair conditioning effect, outstanding caloric consumption and weight control,success by musculoskeletal cases, rheumatoid arthritis, it increases the extensibility of collagen tissues, it decreases joint stiffness directly, it relieves muscle spasms, blood circulation...

SUNNYHEAT creates a healthy relaxing warmth that benefit your clients during the stay at your facility. Infrared is known for many years to beneficial for patients with arthritis, allergies and even for persons with high cholesterol and cancer (see PDF file by Prof.Guy Van Elsacker here). With SUNNYHEAT infrared heating you have an extra marketing tool that will attract clients. While saving valuable money on your energy budget, your clients will receive healthy warmth in each room where you install it. At the same time of a relaxing massage or therapeutic treatment they receive a healthy SUNNYHEAT infrared treatment.   

Report detailing the health benefits of infrared heating


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