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IEC 60335

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heating systems for schools

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SUNNYHEAT infrared heating prevents the spread of airborne infections in hospitals, which may be spread via heating ducts throughout the building. Patients at high risk are those in intensive care units, nurseries, and operating rooms. These patients must be protected from dust that carries bacteria, and many hospital deaths are attributed each year to dust-borne diseases. Controlling dust is always important, yet difficult when a heating system circulates hot air.

SUNNYHEAT causes no air movement to stir and circulate dust particles. SUNNYHEAT infrared heating does not change the humidity of the air, so "dry heating" is  a thing of the past. With SUNNYHEAT infrared radiators there is a significant reduction of airborne irritants, such as dust,  bacteria, pollen and mold spores.

SUNNYHEAT flat-panel heaters are an easy, low cost installation. They are user-friendly, have low-budget maintenance and the risk of infection by airborne illness is seriously reduced.

Report detailing the health benefits of infrared heating


heating system for hospitals