Infrared heating panels for residential,
commercial and industrial use

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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

industrial infrared heaters

industrial applications

Kilometers of piping is not needed just to heat a few rooms. Place SUNNYHEAT panels where you need them. At the production area install them where necessary at the moment; a 1000 Watt panel can heat 25 sq m. As you change your production it is easy to remove and re-install the SUNNYHEAT panels.

With SUNNYHEAT you have a flexible heating source where it is really needed.  SUNNYHEAT is produced under ISO certified quality control and it significantly decreases C02 emmissions. For larger projects, our engineers can prepare a tailor-made heating solution. There is no need to waste valuable investment money on an expensive, outdated heating system with high energy consumption that pollutes the environment. With SUNNYHEAT can also be a marketing tool which shows that your business is energy-friendly.

SUNNYHEAT's industrial applications are endless:

- garages & workshops

- cold manufacturing units & water cleaning plants

- warehouses and storage places

- archives


industrial heating