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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

military heaters

military use

Military facilities can use the SUNNYHEAT infrared flat screen system, powered by regular electricity or solar energy. No need for massive transport anymore, SUNNYHEAT flat screens are flat and compact.

SUNNYHEAT can offer militaries around the world several applications, from Alaska to Norway or in the desert. Mobile hospital containers can be equipped with SUNNYHEAT heating systems for a healthy environment with no need to transport oil or gas. Portable photovoltaic panels can deliver the necessary energy needed to power SUNNYHEAT.

At workshops on the base or at training areas, SUNNYHEAT can be installed where needed and replaced the next day when needed somewhere else. From the smallest room at the base to aircraft hangars,  SUNNYHEAT provides heating at the right place and time for personnel to perform in optimal conditions. Our specialists can also create tailor-made solutions according to specific needs.








heating for hangars