Infrared heating panels for residential,
commercial and industrial use

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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

commercial heaters

offices & community AREAS


For offices and community areas, SUNNYHEAT is the heating source that profiles you as an ecologically-friendly energy user. At your office, SUNNYHEAT panels can be hung from the ceiling easily and quickly. If you stop renting the office space and move your business elsewhere, take your SUNNYHEAT panels with you and install them again. There is no need for expensive, pre-installed heating.

For older office buildings with outdated heating systems, SUNNYHEAT is the most efficient solution. SUNNYHEAT creates a modern look in offices and can be hung from suspended ceilings according your ceiling grid system. If the same temperature is desired in the entire area, you simply use one thermostat - no matter how many SUNNYHEAT infrared flat screens are installed. For office, community and government buildings, SUNNYHEAT is a real budget-saving solution.




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