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IEC 60335

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radiant panels

product overview


SUNNYHEAT infrared panel heaters are made with safety-glass, printed circuit film and insulation all framed in aluminum and run by highly advanced temperature and energy-control software. When electricity is applied to the printed circuit film, healthy infrared long waves are emitted. The infrared waves are directed forward through the glass by a coating on the back side of the circuit film, a heat shield and insulation at the back of the panel. The glass surface can heat up to 110°C and the frame will not become hotter than 25°C. The rear side of the SUNNYHEAT panel is covered by a single aluminium plate.

SUNNYHEAT flat-panel heaters are available in three sizes:
60 x 60 cm / 500 Watt / room size up to 15 m2 / ceiling height up to 3.50m:

sunnyheat panel infrared panel


60 x 90 cm / 750 Watt / room  size up to 20 m2 / ceiling height up to 3.50m:

uk infrared heaters radiant heating


60 x 120 cm / 1000 Watt / room size up to 25 m2 / ceiling height up to 3.50m:

radiant heaters uk

SUNNYHEAT is also uses a wireless Intelleigent Saving Thermostat.


The thermostat has a maximum power setting which can double the wattage in order to heat the room faster when necessary. It has a user-friendly design with simple buttons. Each panel controlled by its own thermostat so that you can regulate the temperature in each room. If the same temperature is desired in all rooms, only one thermostat is needed. For buildings with extremely thick walls, it is recommended to have a separate thermostat for each room.


We offer standard panel heaters with a neutral glass surface and aluminium frame, or tailor-made designs with different colors or pictures. SUNNYHEAT has no additional accessories and our state-of-the-art infrared heating panels are designed to be user-friendly.