Infrared heating panels for residential,
commercial and industrial use

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IEC 60335

(EU Certificate)

home radiant heating

Residential INFRARED HEATING / low-cost HOME heating


Homeowners using the SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system save significantly on their heating bills. Though it runs on electricity from a standard wall outlet, SUNNYHEAT's advanced programming is engineered to use the lowest amount of electricity at all times. Each heating panel receives signals from its own wireless thermostat. The two devices communicate constantly to ensure low-cost home heating by keeping electrical consumption at its lowest while maintaining the desired temperature.

SUNNYHEAT infrared flat screens can be installed anywhere in your home; living room, dining room, bathroom, sauna, garage or workshop. Since their weight is relatively low, SUNNYHEAT infrared flatscreens are easy to handle and to install on ceilings or walls, even plasterboard.

SUNNYHEAT is a healthy, low-cost heating system sold with a 5-year guarantee. If you may change residence, SUNNYHEAT is simple to transport and easy to reinstall.

Panels are available in various designs, with different colors or pictures to match the style of your residence.





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